Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood’s Release Date Announced [VIDEO]

After the reveal in October, the Final Fantasy XIV expansion got a fixed release date.

For MMO/JRPG fans, Stormblood could be a good choice in early summer, as Final Fantasy XIV, which bids goodbye to the PlayStation 3 (also also offering a free update to the PS4 version it seems), expands on June 20. It takes place in the location of Ala Mhigo and the main bad guy will be called Zenos. Stormblood also adds new areas, and you can expect there to be a “full standalone game’s worth of content.” A fourth residential area is also being added, while there will be new Primals, dungeons, and high-end raids, too.

After the „early summer” release window, this day is just like how the Japanese devs promised us. No pricing is known yet, and it will be available physically, too. Oh, there’s also the Red Mage:

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