Have A Look At Some More Gravity Rush 2 Footage On PlayStation 4 Pro [VIDEO]

Kat-arsis on the stronger PlayStation 4 model?

The sequel to Gravity Rush will arrive in less than two weeks (exclusively on PlayStation 4!), but some publications have already released their reviews of the new adventures of Kat… and they are quite raving, to say the least. It looks like leaving the PlayStation Vita behind with this franchise was a wise choice on Sony’s end.

A YouTuber by the name of Arekkz got a review copy of the game, and he immediately plonked it in his PlayStation 4 Pro to share his thoughts with us about Gravity Rush 2. The game will have a bigger word, more, varied quests, a lot of NPCs (providing more, sometimes hilarious sidequests), and a significantly improved visual style.

Perhaps these seven minutes can help you decide whether you are interested in the first AAA PS4-exclusive of the year or not.

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