Project Scorpio Could Be Arriving With An Internal PSU

There’s a strong chance that the stronger Xbox console could be arriving without a gigantic adapter to receive electricity.

Windowscentral , based on „trusted sources,” state that the stronger Xbox One would arrive with an internal power supply, similarly to the Xbox One S. It would also be able to record videos in 4K, 60 frames per second, as well as stream the games in such quality.

Microsoft’s Beam streaming service has been running public 4K stream tests for some time, and it’s now fair to assume it will not only be PC streamers who will benefit. […] A massive, massive step up from the 720p, 30FPS you get on the current Xbox One,” the site says.

We’ll see if the Project Scorpio can pull these off shortly. Microsoft will likely reveal the stronger Xbox properly at E3 this year.

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