The Ghostbusters Are Back… [VIDEO]

They are here again after last year’s horrible game.

2016’s Ghostbusters has managed to be an even worse title than the digital-only Sanctum of Slime, and the developers have gone bankrupt just days after the launch. Ghostbusters 2016 has easily become one of the worst games of the decade. No wonder why we’re careful about the franchise altogether.

Still, there’s a new PlayStation VR title called Ghostbusters: Now Hiring, which will be an EPISODICAL game, and its first segment will take about fifteen minutes to complete. Perhaps that’s the reason why it will cost 7 dollars. The problem is that we haven’t found the game yet on the PlayStation Store, and the link in the video’s description is broken.

Did the developers seriously make an EPISODIC virtual reality game? While the idea of becoming one of the team members sounds good on paper, we’d rather take the entire ghostbusting with a large grain of salt…

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