One Key Final Fantasy XV Developer Has Left Square Enix

After eighteen years of work, he quit his employer.

Isamu Kamikokuryo has announced on Twitter that March 31 was his last work day at Square Enix, so after having been the art director or art supervisor in Final Fantasy titles (X, XII, XIII, XIII-2, XV), he’s not working there anymore. His departure might be felt on Final Fantasy XV, as its DLCs are still in development. What about him? He announced that he would work as a freelance art and diction worker.

Another person has left at the same time: the producer of Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile franchises, as well as a lot of tri-Ace titles, Yoshinori Yamagishi, has quit Square Enix after over two decades (!) of work. However, he would consider working on a new game at another company if his fans would support this notion.

Leaving at the end of March isn’t a prank: the business year ends with the last day of March, and thus, there’s movement within companies.

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