Activision: An Unfair Move Regarding Call Of Duty?

We didn’t expect them to do something like this…

Last year, the company managed to piss a lot of veteran Call of Duty players off by forcing them to buy Infinite Warfare to get Modern Warfare Remastered. However, VG247 writes that GameFly has listed a standalone release for Modern Warfare Remastered, which could be out next month!

It would launch on June 20 on PlayStation 4, followed by a July 20 release on Xbox One – the one-month advantage for Sony has been usual for about two years now. (You can see images on CharlieIntel.)

GameFly is a game- and console renting service… something might be happening. Those who purchased Infinite Warfare only to never play with it and just focus on Modern Warfare Remastered could be legitimately mad at Activision if they pull this move…

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