Mario + Rabbids Kingdom: It Got Leaked (Again)

Is it another intentional Ubisoft-leak?

We already knew that Ubisoft(‘s Milan and Paris studios) and Nintendo teamed up to make a crossover featuring Mario and the Rabbids, utilizing the Snowdrop engine seen in The Division. Its presentation slides got leaked, which revealed several new details about the project.

There will be eight playable characters, and our favorite out of the bunch is the Rabbid with the Peach costume. 65% of the (co-op supporting) gameplay would consist of turn-based combat, in which our characters would use customizable and upgradable weapons, while the remaining 35% would be focusing on exploration. Four worlds with a ton of easter eggs, puzzles, and secret areas.

The official announcement would have come in June, while the release is still planned to be either in August or September as a Switch-exclusive that should provide about twenty hours of gameplay.

These tidbits sound good on paper. Let’s see a video of the gameplay to make us convinced!

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