Beam Becomes Mixer; Microsoft Would Support It For The PlayStation 4 [VIDEO]

Microsoft has rebranded its streaming service.

Beam was a service that you could use on Windows 10 and Xbox One – Originally, Microsoft bought the company in August last year, and in October, they have announced the integration into those two platforms, followed by an Xbox One launch in March. Now, a rebranding happened due to Microsoft being unable to use the name worldwide. Enter Mixer. (Recently, renaming seems to be a trend: Hitbox became Smashcast less than a month ago…)

New services also came: co-streaming with up to four people streaming into one video, new Mixer page on the Xbox One dashboard, Channel One, a moderated new channel, as well as the open beta on Android and the closed one on iOS for the Mixer Create mobile streaming application. Users can play and interact with the streamers in real time instead of a 10-20 second delay.

Phil Spencer, the Xbox boss didn’t run away from answers on Twitter – he said that he is open to making Mixer available on the PlayStation 4, and he also said that the initial reaction to the Xbox Game Pass (which we discussed yesterday) is quite positive.

However, similarly to cross-play, Sony will likely refuse Microsoft’s openness yet again.

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