Creative Assembly Announces A Total War Spin-Off

Introducing a new name, Total War Saga.

Creative Assembly announced a new idea on their blog. The director, Jack Lusted wrote, „With our big releases that cover entire eras, like Rome or Empire, we’ve been following them up with standalone games that focus on a single character’s life and the time around them; like Napoleon or Attila, but there are also these key, pivotal points in history which don’t necessarily revolve around a single character, and only lasted a few months or few decades at most. Such moments also tend to be constrained to a tight geographic area as well. These moments are perfect fuel for Total War. They’re a powder keg, where anything can happen, and history could have gone in any direction. Sagas are epic stories, and we felt that name described those moments well and allowed us to go into the kind of individual detail we love.”

So, not always new locations, but smaller events worthy of a separate spin-off. The first one has been confirmed to be having a setting of a former Total War game, and it will launch before the next core historical release. Good luck figuring out what it is going to be, as it doesn’t even have a name yet!

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