Norman Reedus Believes Kojima Is A Genius!

Death Stranding‘s star has a quite positive opinion about Hideo Kojima.

Kojima and Norman Reedus have been working together for several years – already with Silent Hills, we knew that the duo is collaborating for Konami’s (back then) hopeful title, which even had Guillermo del Toro‘s involvement. Then, the split happened between the Japanese genius and Konami…

Still, Kojima doesn’t have a bad opinion about his former employer. To Toyokeizai, he said that three decades ago, when he entered the industry, he couldn’t work on games alone, but nowadays, he doesn’t need a major company (which explains why he has his team).

„When I proposed something I wanted to make, they [Konami] let me make it.  Conversely, I wasn’t bound by them saying, ‘You need to do it like this.’ It was like that from when I joined to the end.  Because of that, I’m the person I am today.” He is grateful of Konami.

Back to Reedus, he said the following to CNET: „It’s mind-blowing. He’s a genius. He came out to San Diego for Comic-Con, and he had some stuff on an iPad that he wanted to show me. I sat in a little restaurant in a booth watching this iPad and the things he’d created, and I was just blown away. I was like, “Whatever you want to do, let’s do it. I don’t even know what you’re talking about. It’s unreal. People will do whatever he wants because he’s a visionary.”

The signs are good, but Death Stranding (which uses Guerrilla’s Decima engine) hasn’t been shown in gameplay format yet. Perhaps it might happen at Tokyo Game Show, or at Paris Game Week – the game could be out as early as 2018 on PlayStation 4

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