Hidden Dragon: The Chinese Platformer Gets A New Platform And A Release Date [VIDEO]

We can play the game which is set in ancient China shortly.

The publisher, Oasis Games, surprised everyone, as MegaFun’s title, Hidden Dragon: Legend is just mere weeks away from its release date, and it is not going to be exclusive to the PlayStation 4, either. It will get a PC port as well!

The 2.5D hack and slash-platformer will arrive on September 19 on the PlayStation 4, and the Steam version will follow later, at a currently unannounced date. Hidden Dragon: Legend looks stylish, and has a bit of Metroidvania feeling to it, too.

We feel a bit like that it’s a mix between Strider and Legend of Korra – the result can be promising. However, we just got reminded of Jade Empire as well…

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