Trailer Recap And Potpourri For Thursday [VIDEO]

This one is going to be a long article.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm‘s second episode got a teaser trailer. The complete video will arrive later today, and the second of the triumvirate of chapters has no release date yet for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The Evil Within 2 received its launch trailer. It was about time: Tango Gameworks’ game will be available from Friday the 13th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope is getting a facelift with the 4K & Full HD subtitle on PlayStation 4 and PC. It will roughly cost thirty dollars in Japan, where it will be available from November 28 digitally (but seeing how it was available in the West, too, we should be getting it as well). Minor graphics settings on the console version; full HD on PlayStation 4, 4K on PlayStation 4 Pro and PC, and Steam achievements/trophies will also be part of the game.

DigitalFoundry released their technical analysis of Star Wars: Battlefront II‘s beta. It had dynamic resolution (PS4: 972p-1080p, X1: 900p-1080p, PlayStation 4 Pro: 1296p-1400p), a somewhat unstable frame rate, and a bit more graphical effects on the PlayStation 4 Pro than the regular one. The full game will launch on November 17 on the aforementioned platforms and PC.

YS VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, which launched roughly a month ago on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in the West, is going to get an updated localization in November as a free update. The PC port also received a release window: it will be available from mid-December, and Peter „Durante” Thoman will also help Nihon Falcom to make the port as smooth as possible.
South Park: The Fractured But Whole is going to get a whole episode (Franchise Prequel) dedicated to building up the events of the game tonight. A new trailer also arrived, which is just as crazy as the Gone Gold video was. The game’s out on October 17 on PS4, X1, and PC.

Attention, European PlayStation Now users: fourteen new streamable PS4 games joined the line-up! They are the following: Until Dawn, Dead Island: Definitive Edition, Deadlight: Director’s Cut, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Soma, Lords of the Fallen, Overlord: Fellowship of Evil, Beyond: Two Souls, Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders, How To Survive: Storm Warning Edition, Lone Survivor: Director’s Cut, Saint’s Row: Gat out of Hell, Space Hulk, Extreme Exorcism. There’s also one new PS3 addition – Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut. If you want to play PlayStation games on your PC, this is a possibility for you…
Crytek’s new game, Hunt: Showdown, got twelve minutes of new gameplay, thanks to IGN First. We’re not sure if forcing PVP into the game is a good idea, especially how it feels a lot like The Division’s Dark Zone. At least Crytek is alive after its financial issues in the past year or two…

Lazarus, the next Agents of Mayhem character, also received a trailer. She’s already available on PS4, X1, and PC, but Volition should rather deeply investigate why the game flopped. Allow us to quote the top comment from the trailer: „Don’t waste your time Volition, this game is dead.”

School Girl / Zombie Hunter, which is a Onechanbara spinoff, also got a trailer, which isn’t as gory as you’d think a Japanese zombie survival game could be. The game is out on November 17 (the same day as Battlefront II…?) on PS4 in North America.

Respawn announced their entry into virtual reality. Their untitled FPS is promised to offer a realistic experience, but it will not be related to Titanfall or Star Wars. The game should launch on the Oculus Rift in 2019. The Rift just got its price cut to 400 dollars with the Touch controllers. Great timing…

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