Why Aren’t There More AAA Horror Games?

The Evil Within 2‘s director, John Johanas revealed why he doesn’t think there are more big budget AAA games on the market than before.

Game Watcher asked Johanas’ opinion. He went against the trends because let’s face it: there aren’t many AAA horror games.

„It’s certainly tricky to make a big horror. You realize when you make an AAA horror game that’s big on graphics, you don’t see it come together until the final moments. It’s tricky to calculate things effectively, and more so with horror because it’s so built on creating an experience that doesn’t have gaps. The risk is higher. We have the experience so we can mitigate those risks a little, but it’s a daunting task for anyone not familiar with the genre to create an AAA horror game.” He added that smaller indie studios and their games (Amnesia, Outlast, Observer) need to be credited, although these titles are unlikely to sell as many copies as an AAA game could.

So it’s risky, expensive, and – depending on the director – a bad idea to make a big budget horror game, which explains the lack of them nowadays. Money talks…

Source: PC Gamer

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