Okami HD: New Gameplay Videos, With Questions [VIDEO]

Will Capcom move over everything from the PlayStation 3 (re-)release?

Don’t get us wrong, Hideki Kamiya’s game is marvelous, but there’s a small problem. Originally, it launched on PlayStation 2 in 2006, followed by a Wii port in 2008, which was understandable due to the ability to brush with the Wiimote. However, Capcom twisted things a bit with the PlayStation 3 version in high definition in 2012.

A PlayStation 4/Xbox One/PC port is launching on December 12, where the stronger consoles (and beefy enough PCs) can play the Amaterasu’s story on 4K resolution – the „older” hardware will have to stick to 1080p. However, the PlayStation 3 version, which was a freebie for PlayStation Plus subscribers, supported the PlayStation Move. The press release says nothing about the Move regarding the PlayStation 4 version – will Capcom skip this opportunity?! (Also, they seem to not care about porting the game to the Switch… why?)

Until then, have a look at three Japanese gameplay videos, but until Capcom clarifies the Move-support, we’re going to doubt their efforts.

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