Uncharted Turns Ten, We Get Presents! [VIDEO]

Sony did not forget about Nathan Drake.

November 19, 2007. This was the day when Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune has launched on the PlayStation 3 in North America. Back then, Sony wasn’t in a strong state, but exclusives like this have started to put the hard-to-develop PS3 firmly on its feet. Naughty Dog‘s new franchise came, saw, and conquered (which happened six years later with The Last of Us – after the 2013 release on the aging PS3, the game got ported to the PlayStation 4 a year later). Since then, we saw four main titles, a standalone DLC, as well as a PlayStation Vita game in the series.

On the PlayStation Blog, we read that a new PlayStation 4 theme will be available for free between November 19, 8 AM Pacific/11 AM Eastern/4 PM GMT/5 PM CET for forty-eight hours (the deal ends on November 21 at the same time!). You can find it on the PlayStation Store as Uncharted 10th Anniversary Bundle – you’ll also get a free avatar as well.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End‘s, as well as Uncharted: The Lost Legacy‘s multiplayer both celebrates the anniversary – Nate, Elena, and Sully all get classic skins for free. Until December 19, Uncharted Point and Relic items are all 50% off, too.

Alternatively, you can download the Uncharted 10th Anniversary Bundle from the PC Online Store (from the European Store, here.)

Happy birthday, Drake…

Source: PlayStation Blog

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