Redout: It Runs Better On PlayStation 4 Pro, But The Developer Denies Claims! [VIDEO]

DigitalFoundry‘s analysis wasn’t taken warmly by 34BigThings.

The team’s technical analysis ended with saying that the game runs better on Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro than on Microsoft’s Xbox One X. WCCFTech contacted the developers’ CEO, Valerio Di Donato, who says that DigitalFoundry (we will shorten to DF from this point!) „might have been a competent source of technical information in the past, but it might be currently going down to the click-baiting path.” He added that the „Xbox One X got an enhancement update a couple of weeks ago which brings 4k rendering with dynamic resolution scaling to everyone (owners or not of 4k TV).” The 1080p resolution, which DF claimed, was only the minimum – the maximum can be as high as 3456×1944.

Regarding the frame rate, he admitted that the performance drops under 45 FPS often, especially with multiple AI drivers around us, but 34BigThings tries to fix this issue, especially due to the reason it being not present in solo races/time trials/less AI pilots. In the end, Di Donato pointed out that „saying that Redout renders at 1080p is plain false.”

There’s a tie between the developers and DigitalFoundry: while DF was wrong about the resolution, they do have a point regarding the frame rate. At least DF will have another shot at the game’s analysis, which is fair play.

2018 starts rough for some, it seems…

Source: DigitalFoundry, WCCFTech

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