The revenues of the video game market in 2017 soar in the US

During 2017, 36,000 million in sales were recorded, almost 20% higher than in 2016.

The NPD, the firm that is responsible for recording the data of the video game industry in the United States, has thrown some incredible numbers on how the world goes in that region that comes to confirm that we are talking about a leisure form that is more in shape never.

In the US, revenues related to video games worth 36,000 million dollars have been recorded throughout 2017, which represents an increase of 18% over the previous year (2016) regarding growth.

“2017 has been a special year for the industry and for all those who love video games,” says Mat Piscatella, spokesperson for the NPD. “The developers have created content that has enchanted players from all over the world (…) Growth has been achieved thanks to the passion of the fans, which has only been matched by the talent of video game creators.”

NPD’s analysts attribute this success to the launch of Nintendo Switch, which is exceeding all expectations, the good and maintained overall performance of PS4 as well as the launch of an Xbox One X that was released late last year.

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