Call Of Duty: WWII Leads Up The DLC With A Free Event [VIDEO]

The Resistance DLC is joined by The Resistance Event.

The event will run for five weeks, starting on January 23. The free event will offer a lot of new things, such as the Resistance Division, new weapons, and outfits – these were used in real life during World War II -, as well limited-time game modes, and double XP playlists in multiplayer, War, and Zombies modes.

The Resistance Division will offer the Tactical Knife skill, as well as the ability to scramble the enemy team’s maps, plus a new, 9mm SAP pistol. One of the two featured game modes is called Prop Hunt, where players will have to „master the skills of stealth.” One team will disguise itself as everyday items strewn throughout the war zone, and the other team’s goal is to track them down. Sledgehammer considers it as a „fun party mode,” a „break from the core modes.” The other mode is Demolition: you’ll have to place a bomb behind enemy lines, and then protect it until it explodes.

Make sure to log in weekly to get a free Resistance Supply Drop from Captain Butcher at Headquarters. He’ll also allow you to complete Resistance Collections, sign up for Contracts, and acquire special orders. Completing them will grant new weapons, Supply Drops, XP boosts, Armory Credits, and more.

Don’t forget to unlock the limited-time Resistance-themed Collection Rewards before the event ends. You can get the Resistance-themed variants of the Orso SMG, the Volkssturmgewehr Assault Rifle, and the Combat Knife. After the event ends, you’ll not be able to get them again!

The Resistance Event will run from January 23 to February 27 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: VG247

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