Game Of Thrones In Kingdom Come: Deliverance!

If you like Game of Thrones, you’re probably going to love this announcement!

The developers behind the Game of Thrones mod for Total War Attila are already making a total conversion mod for the medieval RPG; Kingdom Come: Deliverance. They announced on ModDB that they halted development on the Attila Seven Kingdoms mod to exclusively concentrate on the Kingdom Come mod, as this game fits their ideas way better than the Total War title.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a brand new game utilizing the powerful CryEngine. This means it’s easier to create quality assets and to render them with next-gen shaders. The open-world and story-driven aspects of the game are better suited to the Game of Thrones universe, giving us much more potential for new features and gameplay modes. Most importantly, Warhorse Studios stands behind the modding community and has been very vocal about supporting mods,” they say.

The mod will „stay loyal to the TV series” instead of the books, but we don’t know who will be in the mod. However, they did explain why they chose Riverlands as the location: „The way we use that expression… the whole idea, for a single-player game particularly, is the idea that you have the game released and you keep adding more content to keep the players engaged and enjoying the game. And that helps to make it more of a full experience, and that brings in more players to the original game. That’s the rough approach we take to the idea, and that’s why we described games as a service in that sense.”

More details can be found here. Kingdom Come: Deliverance will launch on February 13 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: PCGamer

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