What Announcement Is Funcom Preparing?

Another MMO (or a strategy game?) might be in development at the team who recently made Conan Exiles.

On this website, there’s currently three hours, twenty-two hours, and fifteen minutes left on the countdown timer when we are writing these words. There’s text under the clock, which says „Booze helps when coming back from the Zone…” Why is this sentence familiar?

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.? Yes! In that game, we were capable of somewhat fighting the radioactivity by chugging some vodka… although it could have been overdone, which usually resulted in us dying in the middle of nowhere while being p*ss drunk… There are a few menu points: Pripp, Selma, Dux, and Bormin – clicking on them reveals their silhouettes. Hmm…

However, this bar doesn’t look to be set in a Slavic region of the world. There are no Cyrillic letters, and that Guinness ad doesn’t help matters either. We’ll get back to this announcement next week. Will it be a Stalker MMO? Keep dreaming…

Source: PCGamer

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