The Witcher 3 Gets A New Figure Instead Of HDR Support!

The PlayStation 4 Pro-owners still have to wait until CD Projekt RED‘s game starts supporting HDR…

Perhaps the reason why we’re waiting so long is that Prime 1 Studio created yet another pricy, yet quality figure. Ciri’s figure is roughly 27 inches from base to the edge of the sword (about 14 in width and 15 in depth), and it will be available in two different versions. Let’s get the most painful part out of the way – the price…

The base edition is going to cost 749 dollars, while the exclusive version (which will only get 500 units made) will cost 769 bucks. The latter version will also have an interchangeable head sculpt. You can look at a few images below.

What about the PlayStation 4 Pro-support? Marcin Momot, CD Projekt RED‘s community manager, wrote on Twitter that he apologizes for the silence, and that more information should be unveiled next week. Maybe they will keep their word this time.

While we have a successful The Witcher 3, let’s not forget about CD Projekt RED‘s next major game, Cyberpunk 2077…

Source: Facebook, Twitter

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