Far Cry 5: Even More Positive Statistics; The First Live Event Is Here, Too…

Ubisoft‘s game pulled in a few more million dollars at the end of the previous business year…

The French publisher announced that in comparison to Far Cry 4, over twice as many copies of Far Cry 5 were sold during launch week, which made it the record holder of the franchise (we wrote about it before). Over 50% of the sales were digital, and apparently, we spent over 310 million dollars for the game (and in-game) – with this result, Far Cry 5 is the second-best launch in Ubisoft‘s history, only topped by Tom Clancy’s The Division. Over 55 thousand streamed hours on Twitch, over 117 million views for the videos on YouTube (why does Ubisoft care about these statistics…?) – both are records for the company.

On April 3, the first Live Event launched in Far Cry 5. Live Events are limited-time missions where players who complete them can get unique items. The first one, called Well Done, has Hurk asking us to kill twenty animals by fire (fire arrows, explosive barrels causing a fire, or with the repair torch – a hint: cows are easy to abuse for this job ;)). The more you kill, the more silver bars you’ll get. If you reach twenty kills, you’re going to get the Flamebearer, a Prestige flamethrower. If the community reaches 150 thousand kills by April 10 (when Well Done ends), everyone will receive a unique costume.

Burning animals? Seriously?

Source: Gematsu, VG247

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