Is The Division’s Dev Team Working On A Battle Royale Game?

Massive Entertainment could be working on a massive game – nomen est omen…

It’s official that Ubisoft‘s developer team has been working on The Division 2 for some time already. However, another project might be in the works, too. GameReactor reports that the publisher required the devs to look into the Battle Royale genre (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite: Battle Royale…), and they think they can come up with a game in no time!

„Apparently, Ubisoft commisioned Massive to start looking into the Battle Royale game type in January of this year and Massive has reported back to their owners that they could cook up something fun in a pretty short amount of time, especially considering The Division itself contains almost all of the ingredients needed to make this kind of shooter,” GameReactor reports.

So, Ubisoft might be entering the party, but they might be too late – fads like the Battle Royale genre could die out quickly! Will it be announced at E3?

Source: GameReactor

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