The Division’s Director Is Named!

MOVIE NEWS – Ubisoft’s IP is getting a movie, and we know who its director is going to be.

Variety reports that David Leitch, who has experience in both action movies and stunt direction, is going to be in the director’s seat when the work on The Division starts in around 2019. Oh, Leitch directs Deadpool 2, too!

Previously, it was confirmed that Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain would participate in The Division, and they will also be the producers, too. Stephen Gaghan was formerly named as a director, but he moved onto working on other things – his place was taken by Leitch.

The Division will have the similar basic plot as the game: after a virus breaks out in New York City, the government agents try to keep order to avoid chaos. That’s all we know at the moment, and we’re curious to see what the Leitch-Gyllenhaal-Chastain trio can do.

Source: Variety, VG247

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