The Culling 2 is a huge flop

Xaviant, the studio behind the game said „We’ll talk soon”.

It looks like that even though Battle Royale games are very popular (like Fortnite and PUBG), some games simply fail to build a player base. One of these games were Cliff Blezinski’s recent title, Radical Heights that flopped heavily after his team also failed with LawBreakers as well. The next game that looks to be a failure is The Culling 2, which released only a week ago.

Based on the Steam reviews, only 13% of them are positive, the sales are quite bad and there were times when only one person played the game. Based on Steam reviews, the game is very unpolished, it has zero identity (at least the first The Culling game had some), and it looks like another cash-grab that tries to make some money by chasing trends.

Although at launch the peak number of players who played the game at the same time was 12622, it went down to 249 and recently only one person played it.

The game’s publisher reacted to the negativity surrounding the game and they heavily implied that the game’s reception and bad sales could have a very negative effect on the studio’s future. They promised that they will talk to the community soon.

Source: PCGamer

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