The Station Goes VR And Retail [VIDEO]

Perp Games‘ first-person sci-fi game isn’t going to be digital-exclusive anymore – it also enters virtual reality.

The developers announced on their website that The Station, which is already available on PlayStation 4/Xbox One/PC/Mac/Linux, is going to expand. Recently, it got a free-roaming mode with all the doors unlocked on the space station.

However, there are even greener pastures for Perp Games: the team is now aiming to get a VR-update ready for The Station to make it playable on PlayStation VR. At the same time, the game is going to get a self-published, retail Deluxe edition version on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This version is going to contain an art book, a game design document, the soundtrack, art collection, and wallpapers. The Xbox One Deluxe version will not have VR-support.

There’s no release date, but we’re glad to see that even developers outside Sony’s realm keep supporting the PlayStation VR. Until then, have a brief look at the regular PlayStation 4 version.

Source: Perp Games

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