Oriental terror! Dead by Daylight anticipates new killer [VIDEO]

Equipped with a katana, it will make players suffer in this multiplayer adventure.

With much mystery, without showing all the tricks up their sleeves, the team of Behavior Interactive has presented a new cinematic scene from the popular Dead by Daylight that anticipates the arrival of a new killer. The clues leave little room for doubt; it would be a kind of samurai or, at least, a Japanese equipped with a katana.

The video presents a demonic figure in front of an innocent, to which shortly after we hear screaming desperately. As on other occasions, this new character of which little else is known would come to Dead by Daylight accompanied by a new scenario of Japanese theme.

Months ago the development team already announced that this would be a year full of new content for Dead by Daylight. In recent times, the video game has expanded with assassins from films like Saw, or the fearsome Freddy Krueger among others. Available on PC and consoles, Dead by Daylight exceeded the three million games sold at the end of last year.

Source: 3DJuegos

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