Mass Effect: Andromeda Had No Post-Launch Plans At All!

Despite the Mass Effect brand, BioWare didn’t have a lot of plans for supporting Andromeda with extra content after it released…

Mike Gamble, who also works on Anthem, told USGamer that Mass Effect: Andromeda did not have a good foundation to have solid post-launch ideas: „I can speak conclusively when it comes to Andromeda, the [post-launch] plans were never in place the way that they are for Anthem. The systems and tools weren’t in place to support the long-term plans, and it was never like [Anthem]—never had a good, solid foundation to start from with that, where with Anthem [post-launch] is a part of it. The job does not end on February 22. It only begins for us.”

Gamble thinks that Mass Effect‘s currently last episode was pushed out the door with no hope by default, which, frankly, was felt a bit in the final product. February 22, the mentioned date in Gamble’s comment, is Anthem‘s release day on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: WCCFTech

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