You Could Change Your Name With The New PlayStation 4 Firmware, But You Might Regret It Due To Its Many Risks!

The PlayStation 4 received its 6.10 firmware, but this time, it’s risky to upgrade…

The flagship addition to the PlayStation 4 in its 6.10 system software update is the ability to change our PlayStation Network IDs (we wrote about the subject in detail before), but the function is barely working. It is being discussed on ResetEra amongst many other places. Sony warns us for many things in its disclaimers…

Not all PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and other PlayStation systems’ games and applications will support the online ID change (which was announced before), but if we change the ID, we might lose access to paid content (such as DLC or in-game currency). In case we don’t, then the games’ results (trophy progression, save data) might be lost, or the games/applications might lose some online or offline functions. The other issue that our online ID might be still seen as the old one here or there was also known before.

There’s another twist here: if you end up reverting to your previous PlayStation Network ID, you „may not fix all issues (you may not recover all or any lost content, progress and functionality)” according to Sony.

So if your PlayStation Network account is more than half a year old (as on paper, all PlayStation 4 games launched after April 1 should support the online ID changing), you should think twice to change your ID – risking your progression in older games might not be worth it… and let us not forget that it will cost you money after the first time!

Source: VG247

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