Call Of Duty: Black Ops IIII Originally Planned To Have A Campaign Mode! [VIDEO]

A fired Treyarch QA-tester wrote on Reddit (with a clever name no less: CallOfNoBodyCares) several details about the game – what was removed, what is planned to be added -, and we learned that the story mode was indeed part of Black Ops IIII!

He revealed that until 2017, Treyarch was planning to have a campaign in Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII with a 2v2 co-op and the players would have raced to complete the missions as fast as possible. Five missions were completed, but Treyarch eventually cut the whole thing: they wanted more missions, but they had no time. (We can’t call this approach a traditional campaign though…) After the cancellation, they started working on the so-trendy Blackout (battle royale) and Zombies mode. From this point on, there will be information about Zombies.

The first DLC is a prequel to the Chaos storyline with four new characters. Each DLC will have 1 Zombies map. Nuketown Zombies is 100% happening but no date for when. Treyarch is planning to have more maps that follow the Aether Storyline. There are also plans to eventually complete and implement a 4v4 mode in zombies. However, there is a possibility that it may be cancelled.

The main Classified easter eggs are the cutscene and the WW. There is no easter egg like the other maps with a boss fight. There was one easter egg involved with interacting with something in Ra Basement, but it was removed. It just made the crowd do the Wave.

The Sprknife quest was last reported as not functioning, or being changed without QA being told, which happens often. In the next title update (tu6), Speed Cola will return. It will be automatically equipped as a bonus in-game Vapor when the player has all four main Vapors equipped. It can deactivate and reactivate. The Jug was removed because they couldn’t figure out how to fix the issues caused by combining it with armour and they didn’t want to spend more time working on it. It should work fine now and may return since the health and armour systems use separate bars.

Treyarch doesn’t care if the minority’s game crashes (as in not so known streamers, for example) – only if big streamers get their game crashed. The cyphers translate to quotes by the Priest. He pretty much sees it as his time to fulfil the prophecy of ridding humanity of its weaknesses and forcing what he believes is evolution.

There’s also a video of the Nuketown map. The PlayStation 4 users should be getting it today, with the Xbox One and PC users following at a later date. It is a free update. We still can’t believe that the story mode was being made until 2017 and that it wasn’t finished in time. What were they doing for 1.5 years?! Are there bad, weak working conditions there, too?

Source: WCCFTech, Gematsu

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