Another Bug On The PlayStation Network?

After the bug that caused PlayStation 4s to freeze via messages, is there another one?

A young teenager seems to have found a bug on the PlayStation Network – using the name SpangeBaab, he tried to annoy a group of users in a party, but the party’s leader decided to ban the user. However, he somehow managed to return to the party, explaining that such disrespect could cause them to be disconnected from the PlayStation Network. Indeed, one by one, they ended up being unable to reconnect to the PSN, which means it wasn’t an empty threat but an actual one with possible actions behind his words…

It seems the PlayStation Network might be getting another dangerous issue in a little more than a month, which wouldn’t look good on Sony‘s resume – we don’t know more details yet, but if other users run into similar trouble, the Japanese company might have to release another emergency firmware update…

Source: MP1st

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