Starbreeze Facing Insolvency Due To The Walking Dead!

The publisher is heading towards more financial trouble.

The days of Payday 2’s success are far gone – Starbreeze isn’t seeing much return after a lot of investment, which is why Bo Andersson Klint, who has been the CEO of Starbreeze since 2013, has stepped down, and he also left the board of directors. His temporary replacement is Mikael Nermark, the deputy CEO since 2009 (and Klint’s predecessor between 2011-2013).

Meanwhile, Starbreeze requested a „reorganisation” from Stockholm’s District Court to get out of the insolvency. During the reorganisation, the employees’ wages will be covered, but the services and goods prior to the filing for reconstruction will not paid – only those will be covered that were provided during this period.

To not talk mostly about legal terms (in short, Starbreeze is now in deep financial trouble, and they try to cut costs to the bare minimum), we should also mention The Walking Dead again – the publisher will have a „shortfall of cash” because of this game in January, as the „latest statistics” say Overkill‘s game will generate even less revenue than initially expected.

It explains why they cut the price of the PC version (which, let’s put it bluntly, is terrible at the moment!) in half. Until now, there was a 60-dollar standard and an 80-dollar Deluxe version. Now, there’s a 30-dollar Starter Edition that contains all contant from the standard version. Those who bought the game on the old price will get the second season’s content for free, and the Starter-owners will have to pay for that separately.

We still have the same question: will the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One port in February stand a chance in February? (Also, will Starbreeze survive The Walking Dead’s fiasco?)

Source: GamesIndustry, GamesIndustry

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