The First Videos Of The Witcher Arrived! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Andrzej Sapkowski’s books will be getting a Netflix-adaptation, which has been in development for a while – we now see it in action via special effects videos.

The first two videos are released (leaked…) from Torpedo Pictures to the public – this Canadian company is responsible for special effects, which is mostly the focus of the first video. The second one shows a castle which perfectly recreates Kaer Morhen from the games (books). In case the embeds below don’t work, you can look at them on this website.

The Witcher’s Netflix series doesn’t have a lot of information known at the moment, but its first season will consist of eight episodes. Henry Cavill will be Geralt of Rivia (and, frankly, he could look better than the first photo…), showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich will be the producer, and the directors will be Alik Sakharov (Games of Thrones, Rome), Alex Garcia Lopez (Daredevil, Fear The Walking Dead), and Charlotte Brändström (Colony, The Disappearance).

We don’t know when the series will launch, but our guess would be the end of 2019.

Source: WCCFTech

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