Rogue One’s Scriptwriter Disses Electronic Arts Hard!

Regarding the cancelled Star Wars game, Gary Whitta, the co-writer of Star Wars: Rogue One, wasn’t pulling back any punches.

Despite Electronic Arts claiming they are fully committed to developing Star Wars games, we saw only two major games from them utilising the license. The third one could be the one that was reported to be cancelled by the publisher (the single-player, story-focused Ragtag at Visceral with Amy Hennig at the helm – after the studio’s closure, it was shifted to EA Vancouver to be an open-world game), and regarding this game, Whitta has bashed Electronic Arts quite hard on Greg Miller’s Kinda Funny podcast:

„The deal [between Disney and Electronic Arts] was signed in 2013, it was a 10-year deal. We’re pretty much just over halfway through the deal at this point. So let’s imagine I’m Bob Iger, I’m the head of Disney and I call in the EA guys. Let’s check in and see how you guys have been doing. … We put out two Battlefront games, one of which didn’t have a story at all, both of which were kind of mediocre, and one of which ended up being a major major embarrassment because of the microtransaction fiasco. Not just to EA, but to Disney and the Star Wars brand.

[…] You had a game that was a linear Uncharted type Star Wars experience game which was being developed by the writer of the Uncharted games and probably the best narrative designer in the business. It looked phenomenal. Cancelled that. Rolled all your assets into this new, bigger, more ambitious EA Vancouver open-world game. Cancelled that. Okay, what else… nothing. That’s what we’ve done in five years.”

Whitta thinks Electronic Arts is „catastrophically mismanaging” the Star Wars license, making it an „embarrassment.” He believes nor Disney, neither Electronic Arts wants the deal to be extended after 2023.

By then, Electronic Arts might release four Star Wars games. This autumn, Titanfall-devs Respawn‘s Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is planned to launch…

Source: DualShockers

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