Capcom Reveals New Sales Performance; How Do Their Best-Selling Games Fare?

The Japanese company has updated its Platinum Titles chart that requires a game to sell over a million copies.

Monster Hunter: World is still on the top of the charts with its 11.9 million sales (and we’ll only point out what platforms are included if it’s not all that the game was launched on). Resident Evil 5 (11 million), Resident Evil 6 (8.8 million), Resident Evil 4 (7.4 million), and Street Fighter II (SNES; 6.3 million) follows. Resident Evil 7 has no reason to be disappointed either as it’s also in the front of the charts (6.1 million). Monster Hunter: Generations Ultimate also sold decently (3 million), but Street Fighter V might be a little disappointed with its 2.9 million units – it still didn’t manage to break into the three-million category!

The list doesn’t include Resident Evil 2 Remake yet, but we believe that by the end of March, it will easily outsell Resident Evil 7. The publisher seems to have received unexpected success with Monster Hunter: World, but aside from that, the Resident Evil games are the best-sellers (which is why they continue getting re-releases).

We wouldn’t be surprised if by 2020, Resident Evil 2 Remake and Devil May Cry 5 also would be one of the best-selling Capcom games…

Source: Gematsu

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