Devil May Cry 5: Data Mining Was A Success!

There’s no escape from the data miners.

Before we start to discuss their results, we have to get the obligatory warning out of the way: Attention, spoilers are following!

Alright, we’ll get into the meat of it in the next paragraph.

So, Devil May Cry 5, which came out on Friday, is going to expand in two ways, if we can believe what we see on Resetera. One of the updates will allow the Bloody Palace to be played cooperatively with a friend, which isn’t a bad concept. (Which means multiplayer is coming!) The other addition is going to be a new playable character, Vergil, which we have previously seen Capcom do (Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition added him over a decade ago).

So either Devil May Cry 5 is getting a Special Edition re-release (on next-gen platforms perhaps – DMC4 did this too about four years ago), or these additions might arrive in a form of DLC. Capcom – as expected – doesn’t comment on the situation, so we have to wait until they confirm it all.

Source: WCCFTech

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