Star Wars Episode I: Racer’s Unreal Engine 4 Remake Is Glorious! [VIDEO]

The racing game that was based on the Star Wars film that came out two decades ago, looks promising in a modern coat of paint.

RobJincreated the remake with the help of a demo of Unreal Engine 4. Initially, this project was only made to learn the ropes of the engine, but in ten months, it grew to be something more than that. While there are optimization and animation issues, the result is excellent: you can already race as Anakin on the Mos Espa level on Tatooine!

That’s not all: you can download the fan-made demo here if you click here, AND if you don’t get the „quota exceeded” message. It’s worth downloading the file because Disney doesn’t seem to appreciate such ideas. They might come out with the usual cease-and-desist in a few days, as only Electronic Arts has the rights to make Star Wars games.

There is a good idea behind remaking older games. (We’d love to see 2005’s Star Wars: Battlefront II remade… or even Republic Commando, also from 2005.)

Source: PCGamer

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