Samurai Shodown: The Resurrection Will Not Be On Just PlayStation 4! [VIDEO]

The weapon-based fighting game will swing its sword on more than just the PlayStation 4…

Athlon Games and SNK has announced that the game, which will have Japanese voice acting, as well as English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Pan-American Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese subtitles, using Unreal Engine 4, will aim at the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch, as well as the PC. Story-wise, it will be set between Samurai Shodown V and the original first game (in 1787, to be exact). It will have thirteen characters (13 returning – they are Charlotte, Earthquake, Galford, Genjuro, Hanzo, Haohmaru, Jubei, Kyoshiro, Nakoruru, Shiki, Tam Tam, Ukyo, Yoshitora; and there will be three newcomers that will be revealed later).

The more you will get hit, the higher your Rage Gauge will go. If you fill it up, you can damage more, and make your enemy disarmed (Weapon Flipping Technique), or use the Rage Explosion – which can be used only once per match, the same can be said about the Super Special attacks, which is unique for each character – to pull out the Lightning Strike that will deliver a lot of damage with a quick attack. The Sword Clash will happen if two attacks are perfectly clashing: you must mash the attack buttons to avoid losing your weapon.

There will be a lot of game modes: Story, Battle (offline – it will also include Survival for example), Practice (including a tutorial, training), Gallery (background music, artworks, movies), Online, and a new addition called Dojo, which SNK even patented. It will be an asynchronous online mode with deep machine learning technology. The game will analyse how you play and fight, and based on it, it will create a „ghost AI” character that you or anyone else online could fight. In the Ironman Challenge mode, you will have to defeat a hundred of these. We don’t know more details yet.

Samurai Shodown, which will use the Japanese aesthetic even in its menus, will launch in June on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, followed by a Nintendo Switch release in the last quarter of the year (October-December), and the PC version might follow in 2020. Aside from the PAX East trailer (the devs will host a panel on March 30 at 4:30-5:30 PM ET, called Samurai Shodown: Resurrecting a Legend), there is also a 44-minute PlayStation 4 Pro gameplay video.

Source: Gematsu

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