Google Stadia: there’s More Interest About Than To A New Nintendo Switch!

In the United Kingdom, Harris Interactive has done a survey, and they have published the results. Despite the new announcement, Google Stadia didn’t manage to reach the top.

The poll was conducted on 2146 people (900 males, 1246 females).

The Google Stadia, which was announced during the Game Developers Conference, seemingly got off to a good start: within a week of its reveal, 4 in 10 people (39% of the participants) of the United Kingdom public are aware of it,  and over 1 in 10 (11%) say they are very familiar. More than a third of the higher spending gamer community are very familiar with it already.

1 in 3 (34%) say they are interested in subscribing to the platform. It’s higher among console gamers (58%), and with higher spenders on gaming (75%). More males are interested in the Stadia (43% versus 25% female), and the most interested age group is the 25-34 category (56%).

Two main barriers are present in front of the monthly subscription. One of them is the monthly fee, and for console gamers, there’s also the rent rather than own aspect (they prefer owning games, which – with physical copies of them – is still possible). Their reservations are, surprisingly, stronger than the technical issues (lag, quality), but these might become more prevalent when the Stadia launches by the end of 2019 in the United Kingdom. The monthly fee expectation is currently 12 pounds (14 euros) a month.

For console gamers, they still prefer loyalty to the concept of a console (which, with the Stadia, is not present – you don’t get a box). The polled people were also asked about the upcoming consoles/platforms, as well as their interest or intent to buy them. Let’s see the ratios: PlayStation 5 (unofficial name as of now…) – 38/41%, next-gen Xbox – 26/24%, Google Stadia-subscription – 25/19%, new Nintendo Switch – 21/17%, and none of them: 33%. The next-gen PlayStation has the most interest, and, as a shocking factor, this is the only platform with more intent to buy than interest in the platform!

So in the United Kingdom, the Google Stadia didn’t get that good of a first impression against consoles. The next-gen PlayStation is still on the top there!

Source: WCCFTech

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