Every NPC Can Be Killed In The Outer Worlds! [VIDEO]

You won’t have a situation in Obsidian‘s game where an NPC will be standing there unkillable like a gnome in a yard.

Obsidian, which is now part of the Xbox Game Studios, has presented their game at PAX East, and there’s a hefty gameplay video below as well. In it, the developers showed how we can become psychopaths in their game, allowing us to kill every non-playable character (NPC) in the process.

„During the game, if you’re on a regular playthrough, you’re unlikely to be fighting in [Byzantium], although you can kill everybody and anybody if you want,” Obsidian said. At their panel, Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky (the veteran Fallout devs are now co-directors of The Outer Worlds), Megan Starks (senior narrative designer) were present, and Mikey Dowling, the team’s communications head, was the moderator.

„As a designer, I’m always tempted to just have it made so that you can’t kill this person or that person, but we have a philosophy where we feel like it makes for a better gameplay experience to allow the player to do these sorts of things,” Starks told RPG Site. However, they showed more than that in the presentation. They also gave us another glimpse at their „VATS” – the slow-down of time that you have seen before in Fallout 3/New Vegas/4 – it already looks promising in its work-in-progress format…

The Outer Worlds will launch this year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, but – as we wrote about it before – for a day, an August date surfaced on Steam…

Source: VG247

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