What On Earth Is Gabe Newell Promoting?

So, what’s the hack?

On Reddit, a picture of Gabe Newell came up on a product box. No, it is not a Valve product (the VR headset will in principle appear in June …), but something completely different and the brand name itself is quite interesting … well, look at the picture:

So now, in English, the “long male genitalia” can be described as “long d__k”, so the brand name is quite an indication, and of course the 4XL size is astonishing …

And what the product itself? Underwear! Of course, if we look at the picture better, it turns out quickly that, of course, Gaben’s head – quite inadequately, we have to highlight this … – has been photographed on the original model image, and since we are talking about a Chinese product, it is clear that this is the usual “hit” history. His head is not proportional to the rest of her body and he’s funny: he doesn’t have a picture of three underwear on the box, but only two!

Haha … Maybe this is what they want to officially refer to as a censored/limited but officially authorized Steam to start in the communist country … In any case, it’s really fun that Gabe Newell came up with this way …


Source: DualShockers

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