Sony Will Not Ban You For Offensive PlayStation Network IDs!

Sony Interactive Entertainment will not automatically ban those whose PlayStation Network IDs (which can now be changed – the first change is free; we wrote about it in detail before) are found to be offensive.

Gamasutra has noticed what Sony wrote in an online FAQ, regarding the PlayStation Network ID changing. If the community finds an ID offensive and they report it to Sony, and if the PlayStation moderation team does find the ID reported for a good reason, then the banhammer won’t come automatically.

Instead, the affected ID is going to be replaced with a placeholder, „Tempxxx.” Temp is short for temporary, and the xxx part can be random numbers or letters. If your original ID gets reported and found to be offensive, you must switch to a new one. If you get caught with a new one, you can swap back to a previous one.

The PlayStation Community Code of Conduct recommends to „not post anything that is defamatory (making an untrue statement that may be damaging to the person concerned) or racially, ethnically, religiously or sexually offensive.” It applies to the PlayStation Network IDs, as well as „messages, forum posts, user-generated content or any other form of communication.”

At least it’s not an automated ban.

Source: Gamesindustry


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