The Nintendo Switch Enters China; It Already Has Positive Signs!

After the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch is now also going to be officially available in the Communist country.

Reuters reports that the Guangdong province’s government website says the Nintendo Switch got permission to be sold in the country with a „test version” of New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. The distributor will be Tencent Holdings. The same Tencent that is expanding worldwide (Ubisoft, Epic Games…). Guangdong? This province is one of the industrial powerhouses of the country with Shenzhen, and Hong Kong is not that far either…

Not long after, the Reuters news agency also reported that Nintendo’s stock value has increased by 17% on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, which hasn’t happened since July 2016, when a phenomenon by the name of Pokémon Go was launched… and in the United States, there was also a healthy 12% increase, too!

We don’t know yet if the Chinese Communist Party’s central bureaus will also have to allow the sales in the country or not yet, but it’s still a positive sign for Nintendo. The Chinese market is big, and there’s a chance to get some money here. (However, we have yet to see how much time passes until one Switch-clone surfaces… you all know it could happen.)

We’ll see how successful the Switch could be in China. The PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One didn’t gain a lot of ground due to the powerful PC and mobile market in the country…

Sourse: Gamesindustry, Gamesindustry

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