God Of War’s Director Is Working On A Single-Player Horror Game!

No, we are not talking about Cory Barlog, who was the director of the PlayStation 4-exclusive God of War in 2018!

David Jaffe‘s name might be familiar from the news. He can be called a veteran in the gaming industry. For example, he was a designer of 1994’s Mickey Mania before he ended up as a designer of something called Twisted Metal just a year later on the PlayStation – with the sequel, Jaffe became its director as well. Other titles include Twisted Metal Black (2001, PS2), God of War (2005, PS2, he was the director of this game!), God of War II (2007, PS2, creative director), Twisted Metal (2012, PS3, director), and a game that has been deleted since: Drawn to Death (2017, PlayStation 4, director). However, David Jaffe is working on something new as well!

„I’m designing/writing something new these days. It’s a single player, horror game that is attempting something new with in-game storytelling and I am in love with it. I have shown no one what I’m working on. And thus I have no funding and no interest in the project. When I do show the world, it may be that everyone hates it and no one wants to make it. Or it may become the next big thing. At this stage, I don’t get to know,” Jaffe wrote on Twitter.

He added that working on the game with no financial stability is stressful and scary, but he is also having fun, which is the most important thing in a passion project (as Jaffe is working on it without showing it to anyone, meaning it’s being made for himself at the moment).

It seems that David Jaffe is somewhat afraid of showing the game to the world, as his previous title, Drawn to Death, has flopped, and he might hold himself back to avoid repeating history. Therefore, it’s not a bright idea to guess release windows and target platforms, but we have to add that a single-player horror game is not a bad idea at all. We haven’t had much of that recently outside say, Resident Evil 2 Remake…

Source: VG247

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