Junji Ito Speaks Of His Silent Hills Experiences!

Junji Ito is experienced in horror-themed mangas both as a writer and as an artist (for example, he was responsible for Uzumaki and The Enigma of Amigara Fault). He was also tied to Silent Hills as well, which was cancelled by Konami. He shared his thoughts!

Silent Hills, which debuted on the PlayStation 4 in the summer of 2014 as P.T. (Playable Teaser), looked to be a promising project, led by a superstar team. After Metal Gear, Hideo Kojima wanted to revive the Silent Hills franchise, and he was helped by Ito, as well as Guillermo del Toro. Norman Reedus was also set to be in the game, which then got deleted, and Kojima has left Konami since to work on Death Stranding, a PlayStation 4-exclusive (which might also be a next-gen title, it has no release date publicly yet), with the aforementioned team, except Ito. Ito shared his experiences about the game at the Toronto Comics Art Festival.

„I don’t know anything about games. I don’t play them. I am afraid if I get into them I’ll miss deadlines. I have never played Silent Hills. I have known Hideo Kojima for 20 years. He is a nice older brother type. I told Kojima and del Toro that I know nothing about games. Kojima told me I would be fine. Del Toro gave me tickets to Pacific Rim. It was excellent. Kojima was at Konami back then. I came to a meeting and Del Toro hugged me. It turns out Del Toro is a big gamer. Del Toro wanted the game to be in one location and keep the horror in the player’s face in that way. Once the Silent Hills meeting was over, we went to karaoke. I didn’t hear anything after that. I heard that the plan got scrapped through outside sources. I have seen Kojima and Del Toro since. I never started designing monsters. Nothing exists. There are no roughs or sketches,” we read on Twitter.

So there were some initial moves by Kojima, but Ito had no chance to get to work on monsters – by the time he could have done so, the game was deleted entirely by Konami. What a shame!

Source: GameInformer

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