Grand Theft Auto V is simply gorgeous using Raytracing [VIDEO]

This mod also for Grand Theft Auto V uses a special raytracing technique and can run on any game and on any GPU.

That 6 years after its release Grand Theft Auto V remains a topical game says a lot of the good work of the Rockstar team. But if you are one of those who think that its graphical aspect begins to be somewhat old-fashioned, you may want to try this spectacular shade created by Pascal Gilcher, which among other improvements, adds raytracing to the rendering of the environment.

As can be seen in the video, the result is amazing, especially in the quality of shadows, the mixture of colour and quality of different materials under different types of lighting. In general, the appearance of GTA V is much more realistic. This shade uses a special type of raytracing, that although it has some limitations with respect to traditional rendering techniques, it has the advantage that “it can be executed in any game and GPU”.

Although this mod is still under development, and can only be accessed by the patrons of Pascal Gilcher in Patreon, its creator says that at some point he will distribute it for free.

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