Is The Evil Within 3 In Development? Is An E3 Announcement Imminent?

Shinji Mikami, who worked on the Resident Evil, Dino Crisis, Devil May Cry franchises, as well as Vanquish, spent his past few years on The Evil Within, shocking us (albeit in a positive way). Is he working on the third game?

The Evil Within, which came out in 2014 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, as well as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, aside from its black bars, was an excellent survival horror title from Shinji Mikami. Although the sequel in October 2017 wasn’t as good as its predecessor, it was still an acceptable title. Now, it’s possible that the third game is in development (which we may have discussed as a rumour a long time ago), and w base our claim on a simple fact.

Mikami wrote on Twitter that he will have a business meeting to attend at E3 this week… and he only tends to go to Los Angeles if he plans to announce a game. And seeing how The Evil Within 2 is close to two years old, a third title might be following shortly, but if that is the case, Tango Gameworks made it faster, as three years were needed after the first game to launch the second one.

Another possible option is that Shinji Mikami is making a brand new IP with Tango Gameworks, and it could be much more exciting because in this case, we cannot even guess about what he might be up to. One thing is for sure: since the team is under ZeniMax Media (who also owns Bethesda), we’ll see Mikami and his new game during Bethesda’s E3 program, which will start on June 9, at 5:30 PM Pacific (8:30 PM Eastern, and for Europe, unluckily at 1:30 AM on June 10 in the UK and 2:30 AM for the CEST timezone…).

Maybe we’ll return to the STEM.

Source: WCCFTech

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