Todd Howard: „Sony And Microsoft Focuses On The Right Things With Their Next-Gen Consoles”

Todd Howard, who recently admitted that Bethesda (or Bethesda Game Studios, a group of dev teams across North America…) did not expect Fallout 76 to get high Metacritic ratings (which it didn’t get indeed: all three ports are under 55 on a 1-100 scale…), also talked about the next-gen consoles in his interview with IGN.

„One of the big benefits of my position is I get to see stuff really early. I was one of the first people ever to see the Switch; that was one of the best hardware demos I have ever seen. The things Sony and Microsoft are doing are, in my mind–no one is screwing up at the starting line which some people have done before. Everybody is focused on the right things, and in particular, it helps the kind of games that we make tremendously. Everybody has learned their lessons in some good ways and some hard ways. And they are very very thoughtful about their audience and the developers. My view of it is it’s going to be awesome across the board. Not just the systems but the business models,” Howard said. He’s now working on starfield, which got a teaser during last year’s E3 (the same goes for The Elder Scrolls VI, too), but neither of these games will likely be shown or mentioned this year.

Todd Howard is thus hopeful, and perhaps this is one of the reasons why he was able to announce two next-gen games in 2018 during Bethesda’s E3 show, as both Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI, which will use the same engine Fallout 76 did, are not planned for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but instead, the next-gen PlayStation (PlayStation 5?) and Xbox (Xbox Scarlett?).

Source: WCCFTech

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