Beyond Good & Evil 2 presents new and beautiful images

The Ubisoft video game showed yesterday a brief presentation.

Yesterday there was a live presentation on Beyond Good & Evil 2 that, in the absence of the game at E3 2019, it was already anticipated that it would be somewhat light in terms of information. The event was mainly focused on the relationship of the game with the community, but it has also left us some interesting details.

For example, all the images that accompany the news and that are, eminently, conceptual arts of the artistic aspect that their makers want for the videogame. A title in which they are currently working a whopping five studios: Ubisoft Barcelona, ​​Ubisoft Bordeaux, Ubisoft Mainz, Ubisoft Montpelier and Ubisoft Sofia. There will soon be a sixth team that will join the development group of the ambitious launch.

In the presentation, it was made known that there are already 620,000 fans that have joined the Space Monkey program and that, as a reward for their participation, they will have access to try the game in advance. Much of the artwork that was presented by the developers of the game will be included in agreements with the firm HitRecord, in a society of which more details will be presented in the coming weeks with the presentation of new projects not necessarily linked to video games.

Some plot details also include that the main theme of the game revolves around predetermination and freedom and that in the world of Beyond Good & Evil 2 everything is created as a product, even the characters themselves like those hybrid monkeys that are born out to work as slaves in mining. Apparently, those slaves can be rescued and become part of the crew of our ship.

At Ubisoft, they are really excited about the new video game, and they have already clearly shown their enthusiasm with Beyond Good & Evil 2.

Source: 3Djuegos

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