What Was Josef Fares’ Game Of The Year In 2018?

Josef Fares shared his opinion of three major 2018 games at GameLab in Barcelona, and he had somewhat of a harsh opinion on two of them…

„Personally, my game of the year was actually Spider-Man. That doesn’t necessarily say I didn’t like God of War. I think God of War was a great game. But for me, I connected more with Spider-Man in some way. The reason why God of War won and not Red Dead [Redemption 2], I do believe it’s because God of War took some risks that were really cool. Cory and the team did something amazing. I give credit of course to Cory and the team, but also to Sony for taking a very well-known IP and totally going a different way. That’s cocky and that’s risky for a triple-A title, and I think it really deserved to win. I feel like that’s the reason why. When Rockstar did Red Dead [Redemption] 2, it’s a great game in many ways. A bit too long if you ask me, a bit too repetitive in the mission design. You’d go out and shoot something and go back. I think that’s one of the reasons God of War won.

As far as games I admire, again, I’m very allergic to repetitiveness in game mechanics. I felt that both God of War and Red Dead [Redemption 2] were a bit too long. I needed a shorter experience. I think that’s why I was a bit more invested into Spider-Man. Especially with Red Dead, that locks me out after a while. It was so long! Who has the time for that? I don’t even have kids. I imagine for you — could you even play the game? Who finishes these games today?”, Fares said.

So, he had a harsh thought, but he explained somewhat reasonably why he had Spider-Man as his favourite last year. Josef Fares, the creator of A Way Out, is already working on his next game.

Source: WCCFTech

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